Amy Paulin Has Two Energy-Related Bills Signed Into Law

Published by Amy Paulin on

SCARSDALE – New York State Assemblywoman Amy Paulin (D-88) is pleased to announce that two bills she authored during the 2014 legislative session (A8800/S6485 and A8798/S6159) were signed into law by Governor Andrew Cuomo on Wednesday.

A8800/S6485 allows non-residential customers who are utilizing net metering for fuel cell electric generating equipment to install systems of up to 2,000 kilowatts. Previously, installed systems were only allowed up to 1,500 kilowatts. This bill assures parity between fuel cells and other clean-energy technologies.

A8798/S6159 permits non-residential customers who generate farm waste as part of processing dairy and farm products to generate electricity and participate in net metering rather than simply shipping these wastes to landfills. As a result, these companies will become more competitive and electricity production will be increased in a “green way” while reducing landfill usage.

“These bills will both help increase the use of renewable energy in New York. Increasing the allowable size for fuel cells will treat this technology equally with other renewable technologies, providing more options for customers,” Paulin said. “Similarly, making sure that dairy processing plants are able to participate in net metering using the farm waste they generate will encourage these operations to generate clean, renewable Paulin has had 17 bills she authored signed into law this year, bringing the total number of bills she has had signed into law to 169.

George Maziarz (R-62) sponsored S6485 in the Senate while Michael Ranzenhofer (R-61) sponsored S6159.