Amy Paulin’s Bill To Aid The Fight Against Human Trafficking Is Passed By The New York State Senate And Sent To The Governor

Published by Amy Paulin on

Amy Paulin (D-88) is proud to announce that A.8650-B/ S6835-B, legislation she authored to help physicians and health care workers better identify human trafficking victims, was passed by the New York State Senate on Tuesday and will be sent to Governor Cuomo to be signed into law.

Paulin’s bill would require every general hospital, public health center, diagnostic center, treatment center or outpatient department to establish written policies and procedures for the identification, assessment, and appropriate treatment or referral of persons suspected of being human trafficking victims as well as training for physicians, nurses and other clinical care personnel in service units in those facilities regarding those policies and procedures.

“Trafficking victims may at some point seek treatment from a health care facility, such as a hospital, public health center, outpatient department or treatment center,” Paulin said. “We need to ensure that the health professionals who are most likely to come into contact with a potential trafficking victim are trained to recognize the signs of human trafficking so that they know what to do to provide the appropriate care and referral to help the victim escape her or his life of violence and enslavement.”

Signs of trafficking include bruises, tattoos, branding such as barcodes, dollar signs and names of male captors, scars, burns and orthopedic trauma as well as psychological signs such as extreme anxiety, PTSD symptoms, anger and belligerency.

“The health care facility where the victim is permitted by her trafficker to seek medical services may be our best and only chance to identify a trafficking victim and free her from the vicious cycle of pain, suffering and degradation,” Paulin said.

Andrew Lanza (R-24) sponsored the bill in the Senate.