Paulin's Bill To Support Those With Disabilities Signed Into Law

Published by Amy Paulin on

SCARSDALE – New York State Assemblywoman Amy Paulin (D-88) is pleased to announce that A.136-A/S.1405, legislation that she authored, was signed into law on Sunday by Governor Andrew Cuomo.

The legislation codifies protections for people with disabilities who are refused access to places of public accommodation (such as hotels, restaurants, retail stores, recreation or entertainment venues and hospitals). The law clarifies that it is discriminatory for an operator – public or private – to refuse to remove certain architectural or communication barriers in these spaces. It also eliminates an exception for the barrier removal requirement for public libraries.

“In order for public spaces and buildings to truly be open to the public, they must be accessible to all people. This law will ensure that happens in communities throughout New York State,” Paulin said. “I was proud to fight to get this legislation passed.”

Carl Marcellino (R-5) sponsored the bill in the NYS Senate.